• In patients of Slip disc this procedure is indicated in case of -
    1. Cauda Equina Syndrome (Affection of bowel & bladder functions with weakness of lower limbs and decreased sensations)
    2. Progressive weakness/Numbness in limbs.
    3. Intractable pain affecting daily life which has failed to respond to medicines & physiotherapy.
  • In this procedure part of disc compressing the nerve root is surgically removed.
  • It is done under special Microscope with a Very small incision (~ 1inch or < 3cm.)
  • The patient gets almost immediate relief in radicular leg pain.
  • It allows same day ambulation.
  • Patient can be discharged the next day of surgery.
  • Complication rate is less than 2%.
  • Patient can do all his activities after 6 weeks.