Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

In recent times, Spinal surgery has advanced dramatically due to technical advancements leading to minimally invasive spine surgery. Microscopes, endoscopes, tubular dilators, motorized drills, nerve monitoring systems have decreased complications, risks and recovery time considerably. They have advanced to a point where few procedures can be done with an incision less than a centimeter.

Major advantages of MIS surgeries are-

  • Small incision - so cosmetic
  • Minimal soft tissue dissection - So less Postoperative pain
  • No Muscle stripping from bone rather dilating or spreading of muscles to reach the target pathology - so preservation of normal anatomy
  • Less blood loss
  • Early recovery, Less hospital stay
  • Magnification & illumination increases safety
  • Overall better outcome and early return to work
  • Long term outcomes also better due to preservation of normal anatomy.

MIS surgeries can be broadly grouped into two groups-

  • MIS decompression
  • MIS fixation & fusion